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This $95 million dollar project got 15kms of road duplicated between Beaufort to Buangor and the installation of 3 new bridges.

Toohey’s Form-crete’s contract consisted of all formwork and concreting to 8 major culvert crossings under the freeway. TFC worked in closely with the earthworks crew to ensure both teams were able to plan ahead, prioritise and ensure the scope of works was completed during the winter. Toohey’s Form-crete were able to deliver all of the culvert crossings in a short amount of time exceeding the client’s expectations.

Toohey’s Form-crete employees also built all 3 bridges on the project via day labour.  TFC tasks included the comprehension of plans, visualising what was required and being able to successfully complete all aspects of the job including blinding, steelwork, formwork, installing pre-cast and all concrete pours.

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